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Procedure to Obtain a Protective Order


    1. Contact the Hill Country Crisis Council at 830-257-7088 and make an appointment to fill out a protective order application and victim interview.

    2. After completing the application documents, the crisis council will forward the P.O. application to the County Attorney’s office for review.

    3. The County Attorney’s office will review the application to determine if it meets the statutory requirements. After reviewing the documents you will be contacted to either obtain more information, come to our office and swear out the affidavit, or it will be explained why the application does not qualify.

    4. If we proceed, the application will be forwarded to the Court Clerk where a case number and hearing date will be assigned.

    5. We will contact you with the Court hearing information. You will be required to be present and testify at the Court hearing. If you are not timely present for Court or you choose not to testify, your Protective Order application will be dismissed.

    6. Please dress and behave appropriately for Court: No shorts, tank tops, t shirts, and swearing. Cell phones should be turned off.

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